Classic Potato Varieties From a Dependable Source

Stock up on red potatoes

Red potatoes have always been a popular choice of restaurants and grocery stores. If you're a wholesaler, you want to provide the best possible products to your clients, without spending too much money. That's why so many wholesalers turn to Associated Potato Growers Inc for red potatoes. Everything is grown, packed and shipped responsibly. Plus, we'll ship to anywhere in the US and also to some parts of Canada.

Red potatoes have a low starch content, allowing them to maintain their shape through cooking. This makes them a preferred choice for many chefs and home cooks alike. Ask us about our potatoes now by calling 701-775-4614. You can order anywhere from 3- to 2,200-pound bags from us.

You'll know where your products come from

You'll know where your products come from

Our 17 farmers are spread throughout Minnesota and North Dakota and all meet high standards of excellence. You can purchase our red varieties sourced from:

  • Nodak
  • Nature's Pride
  • Mighty Reds
  • GoldenValley
  • Big Giant
  • Tasty
  • Holsum

We also work with some private labels. Contact our co-op today to get the details on affordable, high-quality red potatoes.